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 Average Life Roleplay™ - Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Average Life Roleplay™ - Forum Rules!   Mon Nov 01, 2010 3:11 pm

~Forum Rules~

1. Please respect ALL members, no matter what sex, age, rank, race they are.

2. Please try not to spam the forum topics with useless posts, that are unrelated to the topic. Anything else is acceptable.

3. You mustn't INSULT or threaten anyone with meaningless words, in any threads, especially as "Out of Character/Off Topic" areas.

4. Make sure that your created posts are in the right sections. (IC/OOC/Bans/Complaints, etc.)

5. Use english in all of the forum sections/threads.

6. Do not make a massive signature or avatar. Large sizes like 1280x1280 are definitely NOT allowed.

7. Respect and listen to administrators AND moderators.

8. Do not double/triple/quadruple/quintriple/etc/[...] post, which is a minor thing, try to use the edit post feature.

Please enjoy yourselves, and follow the above rules. A warning or a forum ban may be given, if abusing the rules.


Thanks, The Admin Crew.
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Average Life Roleplay™ - Forum Rules!
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