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 Average Life Roleplay™ - Basic Roleplayin' Rules!

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PostSubject: Average Life Roleplay™ - Basic Roleplayin' Rules!   Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:41 pm

Before reading these rules, I would like to thank "Prince_Higu", our one-of-a kind roleplaying member, for assisting me with the rules of Average Life Roleplay™️. Most of the credit should go to this dedicating fellow. In fact, we appreciate your kind help. Thank you very much. Very Happy bom

Server Rules

1. Do not metagame on Average Life Roleplay. Metagaming is where you abuse your out of character knowledge when playing in character. An example of metagaming would be reading a nametag on his head, which only your real life person sees, not your character, and making your character say "Hello, Max." In real life, you do not know the person's name until he or someone else tells you it. If he tells you a fake name, you may have to go by it as you have no knowledge of what his real name is.

2. Do not powergame on Average Life Roleplay. Powergaming can be split into two definitions, one being doing things which you cannot possibly do in real life, and another being roleplaying in a manner which does not let another person choose what outcome their character has. An example of the first definition would be, if you are in a police chase, and you fall off your motorcycle, you would realisticly be wounded and unable to continue, especially if you fall off a second time. An example of the second definition would be: "/me forces Max onto the ground." While you attempted to push John on the ground, he may have pushed you back or dodged out of the way. Always attempt to do something, for example, /me attempts to push John on the ground, does he succeed?, and this will give a chance for Max to react.

3. Do not abuse any bugs on Average Life Roleplay. There are many types of bugs, such as script bugs, which could be errors with commands or systems, or San Andreas bugs, for example walls that you can drive through, or places that you can enter but you cannot realisticly get in there. An example of a script bug would be using an animation while falling off of a building, to prevent you from loosing health, and an example of a San Andreas bug would be minimising the game to prevent you from being shot or injured when you are being shot at. We cannot help these bugs, so please do not take advantage of that.

4. Do not attempt to start a Deathmatch on Average Life Roleplay. A simple definition of deathmatching is killing or attacking someone when your character has no reason to do so. For example, if you randomly make your character run up and kill someone with a gun, that is deathmatching, as that person's character had not done anything to your character.

5. Hacking or cheating is NOT allowed whatsoever on Average Life Roleplay. If you spawn money, vehicles, weapons, or anything, you will be banned from our server instantly. It is one thing making a mistake and going against the rules, but when you connect to the server with modified San Andreas games which make you fly, become invincible, or get infinite money, that completely goes against morals, ethics, and the purpose of Roleplay. You are a disgrace to the SA-MP community if you use any modified games while playing online. This includes trainers, money generators, teleporters, health hacks, auto aim, armour hacks, weapon hacks, and EVERY type of hack.

6. Do not shoot out of the car OR out of the motorcycle as the driver on Average Life Roleplay. Unfortunately, San Andreas forces the driver of a vehicle to have auto aim when they shoot out of the window of a vehicle, so we have to disallow this. It can give immense advantages, resulting in someone being killed without you putting any effort or strategy into it. It is unrealistic, non-roleplay, and unfair.

7. Do not PM administrators for help. It is known as Private Messages for a reason, it is because it is their private inbox for them to talk to their friends about fun things and whatever they want. They do not want to listen to your help requests if you do not use /report. Always use /report when you want to get hold of an administrator, because then it will appear on ALL of their screens, and the available one can come, and the busy one won't.

8. Do not OOCly insult people anywhere on Average Life Roleplay. No flaming, no jacking off, no harassing. This includes the forums, the server, and every other means of communication we have. Some examples of OOC chats are /o, /w, /pm, and /f. If you happen to be insulting another person, across from around the world, it will not be tolerated.

9. Do not spam any chat, as it is disrespectful and immature. People do not want to see "OMFG, WTF" several times on their screen, once is enough. It will disrupt one's roleplaying, and it will not be allowed. You also should not spam /report, /pm, or /b, either, it will annoy the person, or interrupt them.

10. Unless a high administrator rules over a decision, which very rarely happens as our administration team are more than capable of making their own minds up, what the administrator says goes, regardless of how many people are against them. If you have a problem with an administrator, send a forum PM direct to Mike or to any other admin on the forums. However if you have no screenshots, he or they cannot deal the situation.

11. Do not revenge kill on Average Life Roleplay. This means that if you die, you have to forget about that incident, and get on with your life. If you return to the incident where you died and attempt to kill somebody involved, you are considered to be revenge killing. You will still know your friends, and you will still know people unrelated to the event, but you forget about the people involved with your murder. This includes civillians, the police, and everybody whom is concerned.

12. You are not allowed to steal marked government vehicles, unless of course, using the car for a very special reason, such as if you are evading the police and to use their car to get away or if you have permission from a high-ranked administrator for it to contribute good roleplay.

13. You are not allowed to provoke the police to start a pursuit unless some further roleplay has been planned. You will get a chase if you are caught doing something illegal, but do not purposely bump into the cruisers or ride infront of them to get a chase. A planned roleplay reason could mean if he has angered you before, and you have an armed group of men waiting to pull him over, you could provoke a chase. Use your imagination.

14. You are not allowed to randomly rob the same person more than once a day for no reason. "Randomly robbing" would mean stopping anybody off of the street and robbing them, with no previous roleplay involved. If one person in a faction performs a related robbery, it counts for the whole faction, official or unofficial.

15. If you have under a certain amount of materials on your account, you will have them in character. If you have money or drugs on your account, you will have them in character. You can RP them being in your car or on your person, but they are near you somewhere.

16. Reports can not be aimed at a specific admin. They must be generally asking for help. You may not use bad language or alot of capitals on reports. If the person has stopped doing wrong, and you cannot prove it there and then, please use the forum to report the player. If you were to report certain people on the forums, please provide evidence.

17. Knives and handguns do not require a /me to unholster. You must include a /me when unholstering a weapon which shows where it came from. "/me takes out an MP5" is not acceptable, but "/me takes an MP5 from a strap under his shirt." is. For example, rifles, or assult rifles, and all weaponry must be taken from some kind of case or bag and assembled. With a planned attack, the first team/person to draw their weapon must do a /me, regardless of what weapon it is.

18. You must roleplay fear. Sure, if you have 10 gang members with you, you wouldn't be scared if two people came up to you with guns, as you clearly outnumber them. However, if two people surround you when you are alone, you have no way of winning, so you either cooperate with them or run for your life. It is clearly senseless to run away from your death, either from armed robberies, or the police. You shouldn't try to fight them.

19. You are not allowed to scam vehicles, houses or businesses off of people, they hold excessive value, but you can sell such things for money and not hand it over to them.

20. You are not allowed to scam people or rob people for more than $5,000. There is no limit on scamming faction money.

21. All deals must be either fully OOC or fully IC. You cannot mix the two, and you certainly can NOT scam in an OOC deal. Scamming is ONLY allowed ICly.

22. The current list of banned words in an advertisement are: Materials, Guns, Airsoft, Paintball, Water Pistol, Heat, Toys, War, Materials. Also, do not use any illegal terms in adverts. In real life, the advertising agency would kick you out of the door if you tried to make an advert which said, "Selling drugs, really cheap!". They would possibly even alert the authorities, so instead, here is an example on how to advert illegal items, "Selling american kaleidoscopes. (Stock : 47!)", for now. As you can see, there isn't no brackets to state the obvious, but if you look closely to the first letters of each word, you can see they give a private message.

23. You cannot kill someone simply because you do not like them. If you do not like the police, you cannot just kill them. If you do not like your next door neighbor, you cannot just kill them. There must be some meaning behind your murders. If you attempt to kidnap someone, and they attempt to attack you, you can kill them for that reason.

24. Helicopter blade killing, or car-parking is not ALLOWED, in any circumstances, in the Average Life Roleplay. Not only you will damage your helicopter blades, from the ground, it is claimed to be non-RP, and we do not allow it, since this is a RP server.

25. Non-RP carjacking is NOT allowed. This means pressing Enter/F, dragging the person out, and driving off. You CAN attempt to pull them out using /me, or you can steal EMPTY vehicles if the driver is NOT standing at a point where if you opened the door it would hit them.

26. The use of text acronyms in IC chat is highly forbidden. This includes "WTF, w8, GTFO, Noob, BRB...." and etc, also, the use of smilies ICly is forbidden. This is because you don't in everyday language, or in an essay say something along the lines of "... I was like, WTF, w8, u said BRB, i kno, but ur fone was hangin out" I'm sure you can see the non RPness of that sentence, but if you can't, contact an admin using /report to check whether the acronym you're about to use is acceptable.
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Average Life Roleplay™ - Basic Roleplayin' Rules!
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