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 Average Life Roleplay™ - Newbie Guide

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PostSubject: Average Life Roleplay™ - Newbie Guide   Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:30 pm

Newbie Guide

What is Roleplaying(RPing)?

Roleplaying(RPing) is basically playing along with your character like any normal person. Remember, you have only one life, and do not take big risks, which you wouldn’t take IRL. Also look at your character and what would fit for it’s skin. Also remember –- you can’t change your personality IRL. The earlier day you RP as a mexican, and then eventually you become an african-american. That’s impossible, stay tuned to your race until after something knows about your character IRL. Normally there are commands for RPing: /me, /do & /attempt[/attempt is not scripted, I believe, but if it is, you may not use it on other players]. Lets make an example: You are at someone’s house, you are ICly a robber & you’re robbing a house. You RP that there is something on the top of cabinet. A little example about taking it down from the cabinet(lets RP that the cabinet is pretty high, also there is a chair near you).

Quote :
"There is a chair near me. (( Enrique Reguerro ))"
"Enrique Reguerro takes a chair and sets it next to the cabinet."
"Enrique Reguerro steps on the chair and looks what’s inside the cabinet."
"There is a chest at one meter far. (( Enrique Reguerro ))"
"Enrique Reguerro attempts to take the chest, since it’s far but has failed."

What is Metagaming(MGing)?

Metagaming(MGing) is basically using OOC knowledge, and using it ICly. But only if you know the information ICly, it's allowed. Let's make several examples about MGing: For example, you're at Los Santos Ammunation and someone wants to meet you ICly with any reason and he PM’s you to meet.

Quote :
(( PM from Michael Jordan(45): Where are you ICly? ))
(( PM to Michael Jordan(45): Blueberry Ammunation. ))
(( PM from Michael Jordan(45): Alright, see ya there. ))

Eventually, when Michael Jordan comes to you at the Los Santos Ammunation and starts to make some action with you ICly. It is metagaming as he knew OOCly you’re there, not ICly, he must know it ICly, for example, like a text message or a phone call for asking his location. Here's another example – John Smith is near you, also he doesn’t know you ICly and he hasn't even heard of you and doesn't know of anyone else who knows the other person at all.

Quote :
John Smith says [American accent]: Hello, Jack!
A Stranger says [Canadian accent]: Wha...? Who are you?
John Smith says [American accent]: It's me, man. The guy who you PMed at.
[OOC]Wesker Moniman : You're not supposed to be metagaming.

That would be an example of metagaming. When he doesn’t even know who you are. You may never do metagaming, but if you continue to do so, you may be punished from the administrators or moderators.

One Time - WARN.
Second Time - JAIL.
Third Time - BAN.

Yes, we take these punishments VERY seriously. We are ones who takes your Roleplaying experience very seriously. If you fail to comply to these rules, admins will decide what to do with you.

What is Powergaming(PGing)?

Powergaming(PGing) is using the powers of your character on any other player. If you want to do ANY action against other player, you must attempt it, however NOT with /attempt, but with /me and /do commands(CMDs). Here are some examples again: Imagine you’re somewhere with an afro-american and you’re any other race, also you’re a racist ICly. The afro-american makes you mad and you go to him, and want to hit him. The afro-american realizes that before and wants to hit you before.

Quote :
Ramiro Wazhere hits hoff (( Mike Caroll ))
[OOC]Hassel Hoff says: Hell no, do the /me commands. No powergaming. -.-
[OOC]Ramiro Wazhere says: i can do watever i want bish D:<

Since it's identified as powergaming, he used the "/me" command against you without giving you a chance to make it success or fail. Everything against others must be attempted with /me has attempted to, with any action. And then about giving a chance, "/do S/F? S=Success, F=Fail." If it's "F", you MUST provide a valid reason or it will be an automatic "S" against you. /do F, and specify your reason you did /do F. Please note that the reason for failing must be realistic enough to make it fail, also if you want to make any action against him/her in your fail reason, you must also attempt it, you may also not powergame in the fail reason. Let's make an example with the commands, shall we?

Quote :
Enrique Reguerro has attempts to hit the man in the face.
S/F? (( Enrique Reguerro ))
F, has attempted to dodge his punch. (( Ramiro Cockhere ))
S/F? (( Ramiro Cockhere ))
S. (( Enrique Reguerro ))

Note: You may choose the S/F by yourself, because without the S/F action, it would be classified as powergaming. But also, whenever you deny the action, you must come up with a realistic reason, such as, "F, taking steps backwards, and dodgin' the attack." You may not powergame(PG), or metagame(MG) in any situation, whatsoever. If you get busted by doing it, the administrators or the moderators will give you a punishment as a result.

What is Death-Matching(DMing)?

Deathmatching(DMing) is basically killing and/or damaging someone without a reason. Just remember, accidents are accidents, not something else, everyone could make difference between accidently hurting someone ICly and DMing. Also remember to not take big risks you wouldn’t take, just like in real life(IRL) if someone wants to kill/hurt you ICly when he has a reason to do it. Because in real life(IRL) you have only one life and you wouldn’t play with it. If you get busted by DMing, you WILL be punished by administrators.

Quote :
A Stranger takes out a "MP5" submachine gun, from the side of his waist.

What is Character-Killing(CK)?

CKing means that the character is killed. He has to change the name of his character and has to RP from the beginning, your stats will not be lost. Also you may register in a different account and start from the beginning. CK is through killing you ICly, also you don’t have to be CKed if you don’t want to. Here is a chat example when you're in a CK situation.

Quote :
You're laying down on the ground; face-up. (( Weskley Norman ))
Roxanne Riche says [British accent]: Ugh...you can take my money, do whatever you like, asshole!
Weskley Norman attempts to take fire, shooting at your chest.
* S/F? (( Weskley Norman ))
* S. (( Roxanne Riche ))
Do you accept the CK? ((Weskley Norman))
No. (( Roxanne Riche ))
Why, why? ((Weskley Norman))
[OOC]Weskley Norman: You have to accept the CK, you're being annihilated by gunfire.

Guide edited by Matt Vincent.
1. Fixed grammical errors.
2. Added some rules.
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Average Life Roleplay™ - Newbie Guide
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