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 Average Life Roleplay Rules

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Mike Caroll

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PostSubject: Average Life Roleplay Rules   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:43 pm

_---Official Average Life Roleplay Rules---_

1. Do NOT server advertise. If you do, you will get banned. Don't tell anyone about another server. Even if you're an admin.

2. Do not driver drive-by. You may passenger drive-by if you have permission from an admin. It has to be a legitimate reason.

3. Do not metagame, which means you're using the server knowledge in the main chat.

4. DO not powergame, which means you're punching without /me's and /do's. Exception: fights in school.

5. Follow all RP rules and no loopholes/other way around the rule. Don't lie by saying "I didn't know."

6. You will follow what the server owner says, if you refuse to, you will be banned.

Mike Caroll
Server Owner and Scripter
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Average Life Roleplay Rules
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