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 Suggestion About the Gangs and Wanting to be a Helper

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PostSubject: Suggestion About the Gangs and Wanting to be a Helper   Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:59 pm

As we all know there is a problem with the gangs at the moment, obviously Mike isn't to keen on the gangs and wants them all to be removed, but there is another alternative, I will explain this alternative to you right now.

Dear Average Life Roleplayers,

It has come to my attention that Mike and the administration team are not to keen on the gangs because of constant winging about gang wars and terror, basically ruining the roleplay with OOC problems and arguments, Im the leader of Ballas, I notice this all round, I am one rager myself I think I do it to get my point across, but I don't I make a complete fool of myself winging.

I am wrong and honest about this. So my alternative about the gangs, long-term prison sentence to a prison in the Las Venturas desert, here we can recruit our gangs, brawl, make more police and gang factions for example: 'Prison Security Guard' and Im not sure about the gangs. There are basically loads of opportunities for this and thanks to Mike for stopping this gang shit.

Now we all know this, everyone acts a little bit silly sometimes, I do myself I ask for everyone to try and stop, we have problems and I would classify the administration at the moment a bit... 'Corrupt' I don't mean anything harsh in this way, but some of you are being totally illogical and such idiots. Nearly everyone admits that there silly, I don't mind but the way it's acting at the moment, I would suggest we stopped it after we want such a community to be a success.

We need mappers for this prison and a team, good luck is all I need to add to this first resemblance of such mannerly speech.


Jermaine Carling.

My second note is this, I have decide over these weeks to become a helper I know the server now I guess you could say really well, I've helped some players so far with this and handed out some money to get them a clean start, I've enjoyed doing this and feel like it's having a child growing up quick. Im glad to see every time I meet with the people I've helped they have turned very successful with the server, I don't try to boast but I smile in a warm hearted way when I see my helped players pass around the server. It gives me such a great feeling like I've said.

So, I've been talking and posting it on this note that I would like to take a test to add another helper to the server as I do not find most on anymore. They must be busy I know, but I think I should get 'helper' because of my reputation around the server, some of you know me as a C+ rager, some of you know me as a man with knowledge and intellect. But you all know me as a guy that helps, please consider a vote for 'yes' for a helper.


Jermaine Carling.
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Suggestion About the Gangs and Wanting to be a Helper
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