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 [LSPD Application] [PENDING] Eddie Littlewood

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New Roleplayer
New Roleplayer

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PostSubject: [LSPD Application] [PENDING] Eddie Littlewood   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:28 am

In Character

First Name:Eddie

Last Name:Littlewood



Date of Birth: 19/9/1979

Place of Birth: London, UK

Current active address: None at the moment.

Available phone number(s): 9853474

Education:Excelled at Riverside HS. 4 A* grades, including A* in Scientific Engineering, Maths, English, and ICT.

Are you currently in occupation?: Yes
If yes, what is your current occupation?: Part time / Free time Boxer

Have you had any previous occupations?: Yes
If yes, what were your previous occupations?: Bus driver

Do you own a current valid driver license?: Yes, International Driving License
If yes, has it ever been suspended?:No

Do you posses any knowledge or experience in the law enforcement area?: Inheritance from My Father.
If yes, what kind?: He was in the Armed Police force UK. (( Explained in the Biography ))

Have you ever been arrested?: No
If yes for what charges/crimes?:

Have you ever served time in prison?: No
If yes for what charges/crimes?:

Biography: Well firstly, I grew In Southwoods, UK, living with my Mum and Dad. At 5 years Old, My mum and Dad separated, and I never saw my Mum again. By the age of 6, i was living with my dad in Kent, UK. He worked as an Armed Police Officer, and I lived with him for 10 years, where he had taught me what the police force was all about, and he showed me the Armed Police Force UK, just down the road from where we lived at the time. I was stunned, and from then onwards, I wanted to be in the Police force. At the age of 14, I joined the Police cadets, where i learnt the 10 codes, Laws and Actions, Driving Techniqes, and several different types of fire arms. When I was 18, I left home, and went in search of working as a community support officer, or a police officer. I had bad luck at this point, and I never had any sucsess. I was sad, really sad. As if it had'nt got worse, there was a robbery at the old town hall. He was on the scene , with several armed suspects, and crminials. It was like a battlefield. I saw he eliminated 7 out of 8 Suspects. The last one...he got shot. He died from his wounds, and his collegues were unable to save him.

I was so depressed, I decided to leave the Uk, and head for a new life, over in Los Santos, USA. I went to a motel, and rented it for about 1 month, to look for a job, to pay off the rent. No luck. Nothing. My luck didnt get better at all. All I had was $200, It wasnt enough to stay in LS. When I arrived at sunset, i saw the beautiful dock, and the sunset, reflecting off of the oceon line was spectacular. I was welcomed with Los Santos's Kind, caring residents. I was lost, and they helped me find the hotel I was staying at, The Pershing Hotel. I finally found it, and went to bed that night, planning for a brand new life, and a brand new start. I woke up, and I went to the DMV, to get my american Driving license, and I went to the the Bus Driver's office, to apply for a bus driver, to get enough money to pay off my huge debts. After a week or so, I was luckily accepted, and with me new job, and paid off most of my debts. I booked the Motel for 3 months, to give me enough time to get some money, and look for a Police Officer. So, 3 months later, getting used to the surroundings, getting to know the neighbours, I went to the local officers Department. Here, I asked if there was any vacancies for being an officer, and the Constable gave me an application form. I took it to my motel with me, and filled it Out. I took it back early this morning, and I am waiting to hear from the PD. Meanwhile, I stand by my telephone, and hopefully, continue to stay at Bayside, doing my dream job. I am not just working for the money, I am working for the justice, the correct justice, to keep Bayside and its residents safe. I sit by my cellphone, just waiting for news.

Out of Character

Age: 13
Country: UK
Server nickname: Eddie_Littlewood
Past characters and factions: N/A
How long have you been a member of this server?: In Total, including Ip changes / acc resets: 14 Days.
Have you ever been banned from this server (if yes, why)?: No
Why do you wish to join this faction?:I wish to join this faction, because I feel I am up to the job, and that I don't see enough police. There is loads of crime, and even still, there is no police about, especially not in my time zone.
Have you ever played on any other role play servers (if yes, which)?:Yes, RC-RP. Mike Knows. Smile
Do you posses any law enforcement knowledge or role play experience?: RP, yes, I've had 2 years exp.
Have you read the application rules?:Yes.
Any other comments:

Role Play

Explain what is role play and its basics: Role play is what you would act out what you would normally do in real life. You play a certain character, and you must roleplay as realistic as possible

Explain what is meta game and give two different examples: MG: Using OOC chat in IC situations. "/say BRB, AFK." Or, "I lol'd at his character."

Explain what is power game and give two different examples: Power Game, is not letting someone have a proper choice. I.e : /me slaps player1 around the face, and punches him to death. Or, /do You died.

Explain what is "gun from ass": Not rping you pulling out a gun. not doing "/me takes a gun from his waist, and puts the safety catch to OFF"

Give an example of a good detailed role play /me: /me attempts to grab player1 around the neck.

Give an example of a bad role play /me: /me slaps player1 around the face, and punches him to death.

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Mike Caroll

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PostSubject: Re: [LSPD Application] [PENDING] Eddie Littlewood   Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Dear Ed Littlewood,

You are now PENDING due to awaiting status for LSPD recruitment to reopen.

I apologize for the delay,
Mike Caroll
Chief of LSPD
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[LSPD Application] [PENDING] Eddie Littlewood
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