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 Los Santos Emergency Medical Team ( LSEMT ) - Application Format

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PostSubject: Los Santos Emergency Medical Team ( LSEMT ) - Application Format   Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:20 pm

(( Do not click any RP'ed links. They lead to a dead link. ))

*You walk to the hospital desk*
*You pick up an form*
*As you walk out, you begin to read...*


*You open the page: http://lsemt.gov.ls.sa.com/mainpage.htm*
*You open up the page: http://lsemt.gov.ls.sa.com/lsemtrecruitmentf2.htm*
*You open up a page named: LSEMT Recruiment Form!*

Dear LSEMT Applicant,

The LSEMT welcomes you in expressing your interest in joining our glorious department! If you apply, it will be reviewed throughly, by I, Loyd Rafols, Commissioner of the LSEMT. I stress that when you apply, that you put forth your maximum effort in applying. If we find out that you have copied off another applicant, you will be permanently denied of applying; and the police will be contacted. Please fill out the form below and please hand it in to our desk, or Message me at the forums. My forum name is LS-EMT. (( Post a new thread )) . Make sure to put your application form as: [PENDING] [Your First Name] [Your Last Name]'s LS-EMT Application. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to message me too (( Forum PM )). We hope to see your application!

~LSEMT Commissioner, Loyd Rafols.

 [center][size=20][b]LS-EMT APPLICATION[/size][/b]

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Have you [u]committed any crime of any kind[/u]?
Education ( Degrees, Schools, etc ) :


Why are you expressing your interest of joining the LS-EMT?

(( OOC ))

(( Actual Name: ))
(( Actual Age: ))
(( Geographical Location ( City, State ( If any ), Country ): ))
(( Timezone: ))
(( How much time are you willing to devote to our server? ))


I, [u][b][color=red][Your name][/color][/u][/b] are willing that I will follow all of my superior's commands, follow the rules, act properly in situations and not act corrupt in any way.

Signed, [Your name]

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Los Santos Emergency Medical Team ( LSEMT ) - Application Format
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