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 Server & Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Server & Forum Rules   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:01 pm

1: Never cheat, Hack, Exploit bugs or glitches. [Penalty = Ban]
Do not use CLEO mods [Penalty = Ban]
Do not Death Match, Random Kill, Or attack players for no reason. [Penalty = Kick, Jail, If severe; Ban]
Do not mix OOC and IC chats. [Penalty = Slap, Warn, Mute]
Never insult People or use Family Jokes in OOC Chat. [Penalty = Kick, If severe; Ban]
Do not Run and Shoot (With dual wield guns). [Penalty = Warn, Jail, Kick]
Never Driver Drive-by [Penalty = Warn, Jail, Kick; if severe Temp ban]
Do not use C-bug, Sawnoff bug, etc. [Penalty = Kick, Ban]
Always choose a roleplay name, Do not choose a name that is unrealistic. [Penalty = Warn, Kick]
Never Disrespect Admins or other Players. [Penalty = Warn, Kick, Ban]
Never Ask or Beg for Admin Level. [Penalty = Kick, Ban]
Do not attack rival gangs during the day, Only at night. [Penalty = Jail, Warn, Kick]
Please try to Role Play whenever you can, Non Role Playing in RP situations is not allowed. [Penalty = Warn, Slap, Kick]
Do Not Powergame, Revenge Kill, Car Kill. [Penalty = Slap, Kick, Warn, If severe; Ban]
13: Do not Multi-Account. [Penalty = Warn, Ban]

New rules may be added in the near future. Always follow and respect these rules.

Caught Post Abusing Once = Punishment: Ban Warn (1/3)

Caught Post Abusing Twice = Punishment: Ban Warn (2/3)

Caught Post Abusing 3 times = Punishment Temp Ban, If Severe Perm Ban
Caught Spamming Once = Punishment: Ban Warn (1/3)

Caught Spamming Twice = Punishment: Ban Warn (2/3)

Caught Spamming 3 times = Punishment: Temp Ban
Caught Doing Any Rule Breaking After A Temp Ban Will Lead To Another Temp Ban; If Severe Permanent

Light Punishment: Ban Warns (1/3) Will Be Removed After 2 Weeks On Good Behavior
Medium Punishment: Ban Warns (2/3) Will Be Removed After 1 month On Good Behavior
Heavy Punishment: Temp Bans are Removed After 1 Week,
The Last Punishment: After Being Temp Banned You run the risk of a Permanent Ban for Any Rule Breaking

Post Abusing: Post Abusing Applies to Posting Where the Section Says You're Not Allowed, Double-Posting, Flaming
Spamming: Spamming Applies to Sending More than One Demanding, Pointless or One Letter Post In a Section (Doesn't Apply To Spam Section), If failed to follow this Rule: Pernament Spammer Rank

Any Questions On The Rules, PM An Admin On the Matter
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Server & Forum Rules
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