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 Riverside High School Contest!

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Mike Caroll

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PostSubject: Riverside High School Contest!   Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:20 pm

((If you haven't enrolled yet, go enroll now! You must be a member of the Riverside HS enrollement.))

Attention students,

This is a RHSbonuspoint card if you were wondering:

WE are now running a contest for a free car. The one with 26 RHSbonuspoints will receive a new Fall 2010 Primo Hybrid! Rules:

1. If these bonus points are inlegitimate, you will not receive the car and you will spend the whole year in detention/in-school-suspension. This includes stealing the card.

2. You can't apply if you have a criminal record, such as the number of disciplinary actions taken on you. For example, the referrals you have(Referrals are administrative detentions), detentions, ISS (in-school-suspension), and OSS (out-of-school suspension).

3. You must be 16 and older to apply for the contest.

4. You need a valid drivers' license to apply for the contest.

5. You need 85 in total of your grades to apply.

6. If you are failing, you can't apply.

7. If you are known for drunk driving(known as D.U.I 'driving under the influence'), you will not apply for the contest.

We hope you have a great Riverside day!

Your principal,
Mel Roseburg
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Riverside High School Contest!
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