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 Master List of Bugs and Suggestion

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New Roleplayer
New Roleplayer

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PostSubject: Master List of Bugs and Suggestion   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:27 pm

This thread is being created in order to help the admins and scripters of this server identify the bugs in the script so that they may be able to fix the problems and make this community more enjoyable for all!

I will be posting all the bugs and suggestions that I believe should be attended to and I will place any other bugs people have noticed on this list if you reply on the section below
NOTICE: I will be constantly adding and removing new bugs and suggestions to and from the list as they get fixed... If you want your suggestions on the list, reply to the thread!

P.S. To all the admins: Never give up hope! This community is gonna be BIG Very Happy


- Most animations are not responsive
- Fix house spawn system (House system in general)
- Addition of more RP jobs such as Gun Dealer, Bodyguard ect...
- Fix up command binds such as /handsup which are not configured properly
- Fix up /factionhelp list which is very confusing
- Get rid of the NPC (Even though its entertaining)
- Implement a family system ingame
- Add a matrunning route to FC for future purposes
- Make dealerships have a more diverse amount of vehicles
- Fix hospital spawning system (You usually spawn in mid-air.. make the spawn at the hospital)
- Implement a space bar tapping, running system (Its more RP for chases because not all people run same speed)
- Make the tazing system have a gun instead of just /tazer command (Its more RP)
- Make a broader /stats system with more information
- Find a location for a city hall if there isn't already one
- Make it so you spawn where you last logged ( I dont know if its just me but I always spawn inside my house)
- Change the aiming system so you don't shoot from the hip all the time
- When you exit City Hall you get TPed to LS

(There are most likely more but its too late at night for me to think anymore)

Lastly I hope I do not offend anyone by pointing out the flaws of the server because my aim is to only improve it and help the community grow. I made this in order to give the admins a sort of TO-DO list so they know what has to be done

geek Pav_Pops geek

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Mike Caroll

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PostSubject: Re: Master List of Bugs and Suggestion   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:34 pm

Dear Pav,

The following bugs are fixed:

- Remap or fix school
- Fix the faction commands (Several commands such as /invite don't work for the FBI/or all faction)
- Script more cars that don't require a key for newbies to ride in (One car is located at the Cluckin' Bell)

I will get down to mapping the FBI HQ.

Mike Caroll,
Server Owner and Scripter
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New Roleplayer
New Roleplayer

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PostSubject: Re: Master List of Bugs and Suggestion   Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:14 pm

Uhh, so yeah, I assume that my house doesn't have an int, as everyone else.
And when your not Level 7 and you buy the house armor upgrade it says You can't, but it still takes away 2,000
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PostSubject: Re: Master List of Bugs and Suggestion   

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Master List of Bugs and Suggestion
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