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 Unban apeal - James_Case

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New Roleplayer

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PostSubject: Unban apeal - James_Case   Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:13 am

IC Name: James_Case (Gonna make difrent acc)
IC Level: 4
Admin who banned you: Mike_Carol
Reason for ban: I saw a rulebreaker he PG and ooc lied to mike. So i ajailed him for only pg them mike unjailed him i jailed him again and i said to mike to stop because he pged and mike ajailed me i was realy pissed of that he did that cuze Jon_Travolta new name : Jermenie_something he pged and ooc lied to mike so he needed an ajail but i dont know why mike didnt want him to get ajail i got pissed of so i decided to quit cuze i was in jail the whole server was kinda messed up ( i think now its good?) P.S I requested to ban
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No (but that was very not smart to unjail him )
Admit to offense? (yes/no):(dunno what it means but i will say yes )
Other comments: Dunno just want to play. I was playing other rp with lots of people i will like to play this server but i no need , like if i will get what i want i can bring my friends from old rp and they got good rp + their is lots of them
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Unban apeal - James_Case
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