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 The Blacklist

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Matt Vincent

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PostSubject: The Blacklist   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:02 pm

Music: Nine Thou Superstars Remix - Styles of Beyond (Need For Speed Most Wanted Official Soundtrack)

First of all, this isn't purely a gang. If you're looking forward to actually killing people, getting involved in drug deals, then go somewhere else. This is an organization that resurrect from the game Need For Speed Most Wanted. Back in 2005, I played the game, and it catched my interest. I got so hooked to the game, then I beat the game like 20 times, literally. First of all, the people who doesn't play Need For Speed Most Wanted doesn't know what the Blacklist is. It's a list of racers who are respected. You have to race that racer in order to get your spot on the Blacklist. The Blacklist is made up of currently five people. The following below describes the goals of this organization.

This video describes the blacklist:

This is based on the system from Need For Speed Most Wanted. You have to achieve some milestones and accomplish certain races before going against a Blacklist racer. The leader(me) has to witness it. When you race against a Blacklist racer, your car is on the line. It's usually a pink slip race, which means, if you lose, you lose your car. You have to pay a fine to get it back.

This is required to race against a Blacklist racer. You have to get in a pursuit with a police officer, and you have to lose them. If you get busted, you'll get your car impounded. I'll put a list of milestones up on the forum weekly. I will also update the Blacklist weekly.

Under construction.

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New Roleplayer
New Roleplayer

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PostSubject: Re: The Blacklist   Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:36 am

(( I'm excited to see the SAMP version of The Blacklist Very Happy ))
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The Blacklist
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